Financial lease

Besides the sale of heavy machinery, do we offer financial lease possibilities.
Hereby we are acting together with independent parties, which will arrange the best offer, each in their specific segment, depending of the type and specifications of the machine.
Because of our independent acting, you are certain of the best rates and conditions.

Sale and leaseback

Are you looking for more working capital, or a better liquidity position?
We are offering the possibility of sale and leaseback, hereby is a machine (for example an excavator), being purchased by our company.
The next step will be that this machine is being leased back to you. Herewith do you obtain easily more liquidity and will the machine stay available for use.
For this type of leasing are special conditions applicable, please ask for the possibilities.

Special delivery options

A machine being delivered in your company colors, a new Tüv approval or even your machine fitted with a complete new undercarriage?
For you a wish, for us a mission. Thanks to good contacts in the business, we will arrange it quick and easy for you.