Valkema Machinery is exporting the machines for her clients to several destinations worldwide.
Thanks to frequent contact with various reliable shipping companies with each their own specialism, we can supply our clients efficient and flexible shipments, to ensure quick and safe delivery of their purchased machinery.

Valkema Machinery is well equipped for loading and unloading heavy machinery, in order to meet the needs of the client, and to carry out almost every possible type of shipment.
Dismantling and loading into 20ft or 40ft containers, loading at commercial trailers or other specific shipping options would be possible for us.

Thereby do we take care of the necessary export documentation, such as COC, EUR1 certificates and country specific documentation.
Valkema Machinery has a RDW approval, which means that the obtaining from the export documents from registered units will be a quick and easy process, and will be carried out in house.

Export activitities

Some examples of already shipped units.

O&K RH5 loaded onto overwide trailer for Dardani, Kosovo

Kato HD307 loaded into 40ft HC container for Hongkong, China

Atlas 1504HD LR onto low loader for Slatina, Romania